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Cigar Sayings and Quotes

Smoking is indispensable if one has nothing to kiss.     
Sigmund Freud
I am sure there are many things better than a good cigar, but right now, I can't think of what they might be.     
Richard Carleton
By the cigars they smoke, and the composers they love, ye shall know the texture of men’s souls.
John Galsworthy
Cigars are no safe alternative act.     
Ed Markey
A cigar has a fire at one end and a fool at the other.     
Horace Greely
Only fine cigars are worth smoking and only men who smoke fine cigars are worth kissing.
Joan Collins
Given the choice between a woman and a cigar, I will always choose the cigar.
Groucho Marx
A cigar ought not to be smoked solely with the mouth, but with the hand, the eyes, and with the spirit.
Zino Davidoff
Everything looks nicer when you win. The girls are prettier. The cigars taste better. The trees are greener.
Billy Martin
Fuller's cigar in the night was a beacon warning carefree, frivolous people away. It was plainly a cigar smoked in anger.
Kurt Vonnegut
It has always been my rule never to smoke when asleep, and never to refrain when awake.
Mark Twain
Tobacco is the passion of honest men and he who lives without tobacco is not worthy of living.
If your wife doesn’t like the aroma of your cigar, change your wife.
Zino Davidoff
A cigar is as good as memories that you have when you smoked it.     
Raul Julia
A woman is just a script, but a cigar is a motion picture.
Samuel Fuller
No one can tell me what is a good cigar for me. I am the only judge. People who claim to know say that I smoke the worst cigars in the world. They bring their own cigars when they come to my house.
Mark Twain
If I had taken my doctor's advice and quit smoking when he advised me to, I wouldn't have lived to go to his funeral.
George Burns
Cigars must be smoked one at a time, peaceably, with all the leisure in the world. Cigarettes are of the instant, Cigars are for eternity.
Guillermo Cabrera Infante
A woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke.
Rudyard Kipling
The cigar is the perfect complement to an elegant lifestyle.     
George Sand
Sometimes a cigar is just a smoke and a coincidence is just a coincidence.     
Stephen King
Eating and sleeping are the only activities that should be allowed to interrupt a man's enjoyment of his cigar.
Mark Twain

And said to myself, as I lit my cigar, supposing a man had the wealth of the Czar Of the Russias to boot, for the rest of his days, On the whole do you think he would have much to spare If he married a woman with nothing to wear?
William Allen Butler
I love my cigar too, but I take it out of my mouth once in a while.
Groucho Marx
With a cigar like in life, you got to have some length, and some girth.
Cigars are society. They are the food you eat and the bed where you sleep. They are the clothes you wear and the shoes on your feet. Cigars are, at the very least, responsible for everything you and I have.     
Mark McGinty
Right now, we want to run in the Cigar mile if he is 100 percent.
Tim Ritchey
Our country has plenty of five-cent cigars, but the trouble is they charge fifteen cents for them.
Will Rogers
You better take advantage of the good cigars. You don't get much else in that job.     
Thomas P. O'Neill
By the cigars they smoke, and the composers they love, ye shall know the texture of men's souls.
John Galsworthy
A youth with his first cigar makes himself sick; a youth with his first girl makes other people sick.
Mary Wilson Little
A woman is an occasional pleasure but a cigar is always a smoke.
Groucho Marx
A cigar is a sort of thing, not exactly a pleasure, but the crown and outward sign of pleasure.
Leo Tolstoy
I always smoked cigars. I've smoked cigars with everybody in show business.
Al Hirt
I think cigars are just a tremendous addition to the enjoyment of life.     
Rush Limbaugh
A good smoker, like a good lover, always takes his time with a cigar.
Guillermo Cabrera Infante
Smoking Cigars is like falling in love. First, you are attracted by its shape; you stay for its flavor, and you must always remember never, never to let the flame go out!     
Winston Churchill
Cigar smoking by it's very nature is much more reflective than interactive.     
Michael Douglas
A cigar numbs sorrow and fills the solitary hours with a million gracious images.
George Sand
A pipe gives a wise man time to think and a fool something to stick in his mouth.
C.S. Lewis
I have made it a rule never to smoke more than one cigar at a time. I have no other restriction as regards smoking.
Mark Twain
I smoke cigars because at my age if I don't have something to hang on to I might fall down.
George Burns
A good cigar is as great a comfort to a man as a good cry to a woman.
E.G. Bulwer-Lytton Darnley
I just smoked a Cohiba the other day. It was great. You have to appreciate everything that cigar is.     
Daisy Fuentes
Sometimes a cigar is just a smoke and a story's just a story.
Stephen King
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