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California Sayings and Quotes

To capture a California sunset in South Pasadena is to hold an angel's wings with bated breath.
Ace Antonio Hall
Do Re Mi California is a garden of Eden, a paradise to live in or see, But believe it or not, you won't find it so hot If you ain't got the do re mi

Woody Guthrie
Ninety-five percent of all brussels sprouts come from California.     
Danny Meyer
Best way to live in California is to be from somewhere else.     
Cormac Mccarthy
California is full of homesick people.
Judy Van Der Veer
California is where you get to start over.     
Tracy Chevalier
Whatever starts in California unfortunately has an inclination to spread.     
Jimmy Carter
California is a place where they shoot too many pictures and not enough actors.
Walter Winchell
We only have two kinds of weather in California, magnificent and unusual.
James M. Cain
California is where you can't run any farther without getting wet.     
Neil Morgan
If they can't do it in California, it can't be done anywhere.
Taylor Caldwell
When California was wild, it was the floweriest part of the continent.     
John Muir
You haven't lived until you've died in California.     
Mort Sahl
It's a scientific fact that if you stay in California you lose one point of your IQ every year.     
Truman Capote

All creative people should be required to leave California for three months every year.     
Gloria Swanson
There is science, logic, reason; there is thought verified by experience. And then there is California.     
Edward Abbey
California deserves whatever it gets. Californians invented the concept of life-style. This alone warrants their doom.     
Don DeLillo
California is going to be quite good for the Democrats. But the rest of the country is a draw.     
Stuart Rothenberg
Everything is just better in California - the wine, the food, fruits and vegetables, the comforts of living. Even the instrumentalists are generous and curious. Everything is wonderful.     
Beth Anderson
In California, they don't throw their garbage away – they make it into TV shows.     
Woody Allen
Life in California is beautiful.     
Oscar Nunez
California is a fine place to live if you happen to be an orange.
Fred Allen
There's nothing wrong with Southern California that a rise in the ocean level wouldn't cure.     
Ross MacDonald
California is an unbelievable state.     
Drew Barrymore
There are so many different challenges California has; it's the greatest state in the greatest country in the world. Hasta la vista, baby!     
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Southern California, where the American Dream came too true.     
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
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